AyurSens implements Good manufacturing practices (GMP) in its small scale manufacturing units. This is the most important factor in assuring that our personal care products are neither adulterated nor misbranded.
AyurSens is at the forefront of re-establishing the art of Ayurvedic remedies through innovative manufacturing practices based on modern western botany, anatomy, physiology and biochemistry. Our goal, together with a group comprising a leading Ayurvedic doctor, a bio-chemist, and an accomplished herbalist is to be the preferred choice for consumers of all ages, wanting to achieve a healthier, happier life style through our daily use personal care products.
Unlike most of our competitors who use oils that have been reconstituted with so called nature identical compounds, AyurSens exercises stringent controls on its procurement of botanical oils. Based on our experience of working for the last decade with distillers around the globe, we source from distillers who have been certified as organic producers. The advantage of these oils is not only that the plants have been growing without artificial pesticides and fertilizers, but differently than most other essential oils they have been produced for aromatherapy purposes and their purity is ensured by the certification. To further insure ourselves, we also cultivate our own organic herbal farm in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas.

AyurSens is committed to establishing and maintaining high ethical standards.