Herbal Gardens

Our nursery and gardens are nestled in the lush green Doon valley. Most of the flowers and herbs grown organically in the gardens find their way into one of our bath or beauty products.
Our rich and diverse gardens, watered by a natural mountain stream, boasts a large rose collection, huge vegetable garden, fruit trees, berries, rows of annuals and herbs and a thriving collection of orchids, tropical plants and vines. This exuberant and fragrant collection comprises the raw materials for our diverse line of quality, handcrafted, natural bath and beauty care products.
With more than ten acres under plantation, it is a colorful, fragrant oasis in a rural area dominated by nurseries, paddy fields, reserved forests with towering sal, teak and pine trees, litchi and mango farms.
As strong believers of organic gardening principles we compost farm and garden waste and collect rainwater to make a 'compost tea' for fertilizing the extensive gardens. The flowers and herbs are completely safe to use in the various herbal bath and beauty products and as a bonus we attract loads of bees, birds and butterflies.
Our ingredients are collected from our own garden as well as other contract gardeners in the valley. The herbs and flowers are then infused into oils and tinctures which will be used to create our natural bath and beauty care products.
Scented flower petals are used in many of our products. As beautiful as it is practical, our gardens demonstrate our commitment to good business practices and love for organic gardening.