Community Initiatives

AyurSens embraces its responsibility as a corporate citizen of a resurgent India and is committed to making significant contributions for the overall benefit of the rural communities in the neighborhood of our manufacturing plants and gardens. This responsibility springs from an ingrained sense of giving back to society.
We don't consider this social responsibility as an additional cost; we see it as part of an essential cost of business, as much as land, power, raw materials and employees.
Our community development efforts will always be defined by the values embedded in our core. We do not believe in charity for its own sake or "patchwork philanthropy". Sustainability is of fundamental importance. We believe that real contribution comes when communities are enabled in a manner that has a sustained developmental impact. That way you empower people, educate them, give them instruments of income, a feeling of self-respect and dignity, a reason to live.
Our current focus is on supporting health and education, providing sustained livelihoods and women-children welfare. While both our manufacturing plant and gardens operate in rural communities, there are notable differences that are reflected in our priorities based on different desires, anxieties and requirements.
As management guru Peter Drucker says: "A healthy society requires three vital sectors: a public sector of effective governments; a private sector of effective businesses; and a social sector of effective community organizations." While there's not much we can do about the first sector, AyurSens will continue contributing in its own small way for the other two. Community Service for us is not limited to the routine areas of commitment and dedication. We will always strive to bring streaks of innovation and use our competencies to serve better, the less fortunate.

"If our community initiatives are of interest to you, please contact me directly at to experience the life changing pleasure of sharing your Good Fortune"

Aanchal Bali
Managing Partner